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May 04

Hosts William Dettloff and Eric Raskin prep you for the Manny Pacquiao-Shane Mosley mismatch--err, mega-fight--and cover everything from Bernard Hopkins' gym greatness, to Vic Darchinyan's unpredictability, to Timothy Bradley's refusal to sign, to Kelly Pavlik's "disease."

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  • Kurt E.


    Your question about being a Showtime guest boxing judge hit home to me because back in the day when I used to write for Secondsout.com, I got the chance to do it - and proceeded to do a really crappy job of it.

    I was a guest judge of the Zab Judah - Reggie Green fight, if you want to look it up. I remember watching a tape of the broadcast afterwards and hearing Bobby Czyz constantly complain about how he didn’t know what I was watching. Obviously, I had the fight closer than the other press row judges did. I believe that, ironically, future Showtime announcer Steve Farhoud was also a press row judge for that fight.

    It was such a bad idea for me to do it because I was still managing Terronn Millett at the time and Judah had just beaten him a few months earlier. Clearly I was a little biased in my judgment - though I really did think Zab went to sleep in the middle rounds and lost a few of them. Oh well.

    So Eric, if they ask you, definitely think twice before you do it.

    May 5, 2011 at 7:12 pm
  • Eric Raskin

    Very interesting, Kurt. Glad somebody thought it qualified as a Tough Question, since Bill clearly did not.

    Obviously, your personal conflict of interest made your situation a lot different than mine would be. But there is some pressure involved for any press-row scorer, in that nobody ever applauds anyone for a great scorecard, but you will get ripped for a bad one. I’d still say yes if Showtime asked me, but there are reasons to say no, and I’m glad you confirmed them.

    May 6, 2011 at 6:32 am
  • Dude

    I think the reason why Bradley is not signing to fight Khan is because he wants to join Top Rank after his current contract is over so that Arum could consider Bradley in the Pacquiao sweepstake. Arum has already expressed an interest in signing him, and he does need more fighters to fight Pacquiao. Dangling this carrot may entice Bradley to sign with TR.

    May 6, 2011 at 2:49 pm
  • Joey

    I’m also frustrated with Bradley’s refusal to fight Khan. You guys briefly touched on the larger point that really makes this frustrating for fans. This issue encompasses a lot of what’s wrong with boxing right now, not just HBO overpaying fighters. If Bradley is waiting out his contract with Shaw and ends up signing with Top Rank, which is probably what will happen, then he will automatically be in the Manny sweepstakes. In other words, he won’t get the shot because he beats Khan and becomes the true champion at 140, but because he took a shortcut to get there. It reflects this ugly recent trend of fighters breaking with companies just to get a shot with Manny. Because of this, we have the impending disaster with Pacquiao-Mosley, as well as a probable Marquez rematch (which, at 147, is a mismatch).

    The one question that I’ll occasionally ask myself when I come across a story like this is what it would’ve been like if Pacquiao had gone with Golden Boy instead of Top Rank when he signed with both. While GBP isn’t perfect, I don’t think they are the main instigators in the promotional cold war. It’s also unfortunate that we have someone who’s as cynical, narcissistic, and uncooperative as late-career Arum controlling the sport’s top fighter. Compare this to the (mostly) squeaky-clean image of GBP. Would GBP be matching Pacquiao with the top guys in their own stable as well as the guys who are with DiBella, Shaw, Goossen-Tutor, etc? Would they even reach out to Arum? While I’m not 100% sure they would, they would be more likely than Arum to create those potentially great fights. I wish that Arum would just retire and enter the Henry Fonda phase of his life for the good of fans everywhere.

    May 6, 2011 at 7:27 pm
  • Charles C.

    Great show…an hour and a half later and I still wish it were a bit longer (*yes, that’s what SHE said*). Great installment of Ring Theory though. Great work guys!

    I really liked Eric’s insightful Tough Question, and Kurt’s answer only gives it even more credence. Personally, I think that boxing writers in general need to be careful with broadcasting their personal scorecards, especially when they were way off base (Eric and Bill subtly referenced Dan Rafael’s absurd scoring of Ortiz - Berto as an example). Readers tend to question one’s scoring fundamentals or figher/style bias when they read stuff like that. But Eric’s point about good scoring is dead on. No one remembers Stanley Christodoulou, but everyone still cringes when they hear Eugenia Williams’ name.

    Also, it’s time the listeners get to work with some good questions. I’ll be damned if they use a question from “Sled Skills” for the 50th damn time in a row next show. Geez.

    May 7, 2011 at 1:50 am
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